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Welcome to my home: ‘Precious Self’.

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– I’m here as a mentor and friend…

We provide a bit of female empowerment and actionable techniques through articles, and occasionally mentor over zoom for optimising your personal life.

From your relationship with yourself to dating, marriage, family, breaking self-defeating patterns or habits, and all the things that truly matter.

I believe your personal life should never hinder your professional life. You deserve to be able to follow your dreams and goals with a partner at your side who supports that.

I hope this blog helps if you feel something is missing or you feel stuck because I’ve been where you are.

From the blog

About Me

Today my life feels grounded and settled. I feel serene, self-aligned, healthy, creative, relaxed and happy. I admit, life didn’t always feel this way.

Due to a stressful lifestyle in Sydney, everything felt unbalanced – especially my body. I developed stress-related illness and anxiety. Life felt like a constant rush. Recognising things had to change, I decided to focus on my health. I completed research, courses, and programs in Myers-Briggs Personality types, core values, self-confidence, successful relationships, nutrition, mental health, healing from trauma and optimised success with a mentor.

My own transformation to a peaceful life in beautiful Adelaide is the driving force behind wanting to give back through writing/and being a mentor for others. I love hearing the stories of followers healing, growing and discovering how to attract what truly serves their hearts.

If you’d like to feel empowered and learn actionable techniques for optimising self-belief and relationships:

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