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We provide more than just female empowerment – we share actionable techniques through articles and mentoring for optimising your personal life.

From your relationship with yourself to dating, intimate relationships, family, breaking self-defeating patterns or habits, and all the things that truly matter.

I believe your personal life should never hinder your professional life. You deserve to be able to follow your dreams and goals with a partner at your side who supports that.

I can help if you feel there’s something missing or you feel stuck because I’ve been where you are.

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About Me

Today my life feels beautiful. I feel serene, self-aligned, healthy, creative, relaxed and happy. I admit, life didn’t always feel this way.

Drinking to forget reality, used to be my normal. Everything felt ‘off’ – especially my body. I developed stress-related IBS and anxiety. A string of incompatible relationships and divorce trailed behind me. Life was a constant rush. My slow simmering breakdown, thankfully led to a joyful reunion with my precious self. I decided to give up alcohol and focus on my health. I completed research, courses and programs in Myers-Briggs Personality types, core values, self-confidence, successful relationships, nutrition, mental health, healing from trauma and hired a mentor.

My own transformation is the driving force behind wanting to give back and make an impact. I love seeing women healing, growing and discovering how to attract what truly serves their hearts.

If you’d like to feel empowered and learn actionable techniques for optimising self-belief and relationships:

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