“Helping one person may not change the world, but it could change the world for one person”.

Grow. Dream. Connect.

Emily – Asia Pacific

“Morvana was the missing piece that turned everything around. The day before we started mentoring sessions my husband wanted to set a date to leave. Now we’re back together making plans for the future and laughing together again. I’m treated like a queen every day – he does anything he can to make me happy, and lockdown has brought us even closer – so glad I found Precious Self when I did!”

Catherine – Sydney

“Morvana’s own healing and joyful approach to life demonstrate that with self-work, knowledge about the male and female perspectives and relational techniques – a beautiful marriage is possible, and easy.”

Tiffany – Missouri

“I was having some challenges that I knew Morvana could relate to.

I really admired how much she had grown in the specific area of honoring her dreams and I was in need of learning from her experience.

I would highly recommend mentoring. Women need the support of other women to flourish.”

Jamie – Perth

“I get a lot out of each session – whether it’s through an experience I can relate to or tools and tips. Having a mentor allows me to reflect on where I am and my progress.

I would highly recommend to other people who may require some mentoring, life coaching or guidance.”

Annabelle – Las Vegas

“My experience was great. I would absolutely recommend mentoring.

The ability to talk things out with someone who is completely impartial helped me so much.”

Kate – UK

“Morvana has a way of encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone – which is what I really needed.

I would highly recommend following the articles – the Success Kit is awesome too.”

Maddie – Perth

“After connecting with the Precious Self team for some mentoring, I’ve experienced life-changing shifts in my reality.

I feel so much more vibrant, open, and calm. Now when I go for walks, I can’t help smiling at every passer-by. I no longer need to mask how I feel because I radiate a new positive outlook.

Not only have I gained new techniques and habits to manage my life and home. I’ve learned to express emotions from an open heart and trust in myself and others.

My previous fears, including rejection, are no longer an obstacle, and my free-spirited, social nature has returned.”

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