Abundance vs Scarcity

A scarcity mindset runs on fear. Fear creates panic, anxiety, and more fear.It feels like being stuck. A scarcity mindset sounds like this: “I’m running out of time to meet a great life partner.” “If this doesn’t work, I’m screwed!” “Money is tight. I better tighten the belt even more.” “What if I lose my job?”Continue reading “Abundance vs Scarcity”

It’s not a crime to need a man

I know society has women stuck on the mantra: ‘I don’t need a man’, and ‘I’m better off by myself’. As if being in a relationship would dilute your strength. I get it sometimes the pain of the past makes it feel scary. Sometimes it’s easier to grab onto these ideas that are constantly pushedContinue reading “It’s not a crime to need a man”

Seven ways to make a man feel terrible (what not to do!)

Grab a tea or coffee and get comfy.  I interviewed my husband for this one, so it’s straight from an ‘actual man’. #realman I asked him:  What type of things make him feel terrible that women say/do in relationships.  So here we go…here’s pretty much what he said… ONE. Questioning the way he does thingsContinue reading “Seven ways to make a man feel terrible (what not to do!)”

Negative Thought Guards

My negative thoughts felt like a pretty great defense. It made me feel safe. I felt that if I could pre-empt people’s mistakes and mitigate the risk – I could step in and avoid pain. It helped me keep an uninvested distance from people in my life, a shield to protect my heart. Focusing on people’s faultsContinue reading “Negative Thought Guards”

Listening to your Dreams

I’ve had this persistent, recurring dream my whole life. In my dream, I own a house.  Nonetheless, I kept repeatedly forgetting I owned it! (I mean, really, who does that!!?) In the dream, years later, I’d go back and remember I had a property. (Oh yes, there it is!) I’d find it completely derelict, walls peeling,Continue reading “Listening to your Dreams”

Why Intuition is Your Super Power

You just have to tune in. I watched a show about a stalker last night. Karen, a single mother, living in New York, kept bumping into a neighbor living on a street she frequently walked through. At first, he just seemed lonely and kept asking her to go for a coffee; Karen politely declined manyContinue reading “Why Intuition is Your Super Power”