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25 Ways to Embrace your Feminine Essence (Part 1)

Introduction The contrast (Polarity) between males and females creates desire – the greater the difference, the more mesmerizing the attraction. Sorry did you get distracted thinking about that!? Yeah, it’s a pretty fancy design from the ‘man upstairs’. Masculine and feminine energies are present in all life. The Chinese Yin/Yang symbol recognises this as the unionContinue reading “25 Ways to Embrace your Feminine Essence (Part 1)”

Maddie’s Story: From Tragedy to a Joy-filled, Confident Future

“Tears ran down my face, finding it hard to breathe; I hadn’t slept for days; I looked in the mirror and saw the person I had become. I was withdrawn, hidden, and on the edge of unraveling. The pain of a recent break-up and the tragic death of my mother had taken such a toll.Continue reading “Maddie’s Story: From Tragedy to a Joy-filled, Confident Future”

Lifestyle Compatibility

I intended to write about lifestyle factors, and like most people, I started with the wrong questions. Rather than asking what kind of lifestyle a potential partner should have, a better question to ask is: What kind of lifestyle do YOU want? How can you create YOUR dream lifestyle?And, what kind of guy will your lifestyle attract? Continue reading “Lifestyle Compatibility”

Dear high school diary: today I was sexually assaulted, humiliated and bullied (again): How I healed past trauma

Some colleagues asked the other day, “How was your High School experience?” to which I sighed heavily in pure anguish and proceeded to tell pieces of my story… The old saying: ‘Children should be seen and not heard’ comes to mind when I think of how I used to feel. In high school, I suppressedContinue reading “Dear high school diary: today I was sexually assaulted, humiliated and bullied (again): How I healed past trauma”

Qualify your date in 15 minutes! (Core Values)

“FIVE innocent, simple questions can uncover the core of someone in about 15 minutes!”  #thingsyourmumshouldhavetoldyou #miracledatinghack Do you know what questions to ask and how to evaluate the answers? For example, if you see someone as a potential life partner, wouldn’t it be cool if a few innocent-sounding, fun questions helped you figure out who theyContinue reading “Qualify your date in 15 minutes! (Core Values)”

Secrets to Finding Your True Self (and mistakes I made along the way) – Core Values

“Once you know who you are, you can stop trying to be someone else.” Darius Foroux In the bad old days my personal life and career felt like one of those horror movies where you’re running like crazy in the dark foreboding forest. Getting hit by heavy branches and eaten by forest demons every fewContinue reading “Secrets to Finding Your True Self (and mistakes I made along the way) – Core Values”

Are we compatible?

How do you know if you’re compatible? “Relationships start with openness and the willingness to connect with another person from a heart-centered place”.  The end. Just kidding! That’s not the end, but it could be. I’ve been looking into matching tools, personality tests, and various other exciting things all week. (Links at the end of thisContinue reading “Are we compatible?”

Abundance vs Scarcity

A scarcity mindset runs on fear. Fear creates panic, anxiety, and more fear.It feels like being stuck. A scarcity mindset sounds like this: “I’m running out of time to meet a great life partner.” “If this doesn’t work, I’m screwed!” “Money is tight. I better tighten the belt even more.” “What if I lose my job?”Continue reading “Abundance vs Scarcity”

Seven ways to make a man feel terrible (what not to do!)

Grab a tea or coffee and get comfy.  I interviewed my husband for this one, so it’s straight from an ‘actual man’. #realman I asked him:  What type of things make him feel terrible that women say/do in relationships.  So here we go…here’s pretty much what he said… ONE. Questioning the way he does thingsContinue reading “Seven ways to make a man feel terrible (what not to do!)”

Negative Thought Guards

My negative thoughts felt like a pretty great defense. It made me feel safe. I felt that if I could pre-empt people’s mistakes and mitigate the risk – I could step in and avoid pain. It helped me keep an uninvested distance from people in my life, a shield to protect my heart. Focusing on people’s faultsContinue reading “Negative Thought Guards”


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