25 Ways to Embrace your Feminine Essence (Part 1)


The contrast (Polarity) between males and females creates desire – the greater the difference, the more mesmerizing the attraction. Sorry did you get distracted thinking about that!? Yeah, it’s a pretty fancy design from the ‘man upstairs’.

Masculine and feminine energies are present in all life. The Chinese Yin/Yang symbol recognises this as the union of opposites. Yin is the feminine life force of receptivity, while Yang is the masculine force of action. Studying the energy traits associated with masculine and feminine, I was surprised just how polar opposite they are and how much the gap has blurred over the last few centuries with drastic social shifts in roles and attitudes, sadly parallel with rising divorce rates. In other words, our biology hasn’t changed, but society has. Rate yourself against the list to see how close you are to channeling your natural-born feminine essence if you are curious. 

Reconnecting to our natural state is about remembering and spending time with the energies we are innately born with (before society impacted us). And one of the many powerful approaches to improving your success with serious male/female relationships.

Here are the first five feminine energy traits and how to tune into them. 
(The rest will follow in future articles):


The enjoyment of all senses;
smell, touch, taste, sight, and sound.

Why it’s important: 

Sensuality is a powerful healing modality and divinely feminine.

How to: 

Make engagement in pleasurable things a priority, schedule time doing these things in your calendar or make it part of a routine. Some examples include; being in nature, listening to music, wearing perfume, eating chocolate, enjoying delicious meals, sunbathing, swimming, massages, laughing, nurturing one’s body with lotions and candle-lit baths, dancing, reading sensual books, dressing beautifully, kissing, hugging, and lovemaking. As Valerie Ramsey in her book, Gracefully, writes, “Sensuality enriches the soul as much as it enriches the body and mind.”


Nurturing, in the feminine form,
prioritises relating, acknowledging,
and appreciating a person’s experience
or predicament and things like raising
and caring for children. 

Why it’s important:

Women’s form of nurturing is to bond, heal, create, relate and empathise. Men’s form of nurturing is to protect, provide, fight for a good cause, solve problems and take action.

How to: 

Understand and be curious about what someone may be going through. Listen, relate, validate, hold space for them, acknowledge, see, feel their feelings. Lead with gentleness, hope, emotion, encouragement, and empathy.

In your relationships, reduce solving, advising, actioning (which is a more masculine energy).


Free-flowing expression of feelings
such as happiness, sadness, warmth,
comfort, discomfort and being afraid.

Why it’s important: 

If you bottle up your emotions, your physical and mental health will suffer, I used to get IBS/anxiety from holding in my true feelings and it caused me many sleepless nights and painful experiences. In relationships, expressing emotion about your life challenges creates strong attraction and deep connection. Holding emotion in translates as a disconnect, creates distance and inauthentic interactions.

How to: 

Practice asking yourself how you feel, pick a feeling that best describes your bodily or emotional sensations as you go about your day, and express them aloud or in a journal. For example, are you feeling warm, cosy, and comfortable? Express it as it will make his day to hear you say this. Are you sad or scared about the spider in the bathroom? Express it from the deepest root of your body and he will be your hero and make you smile again or protect you from the cause of your fear.

If it is a negative feeling he cannot provide, protect or solve for, two choices; call a girlfriend you trust, or journal / work with the emotion with the techniques I provide. Why? Have you noticed when you share feelings with a man he will try to solve or solution them? Or deal with them as a problem-solving exercise? Yes, that’s what their male energy is designed to do! Avoid dragging him into a “let’s share emotions party”. Men will generally feel anxious or frustrated about being asked for this kind of thing, women need other female friends or mentor’s to unpack and vent their feelings ideally, so that you are not requiring your man to act like a female, let’s be honest – there’s times you want someone to feel your feelings – that’s a great task for you besty female friends.


Think of feminine energy as fluid,
stormy, emotional, passionate.
It flows from moment to moment
like the waters of a river.

Why it’s important:

Flowing from moment to moment is a byproduct of following your emotions and being aware and expressive in a healthy, mature, self-accountable, and positive way.

How to:

Follow and express what you feel in your heart from moment to moment. For me, this required a considerable amount of slowing down, from slowing down my bodily movements, talking speed, breathing, speed of walking, practicing mindfulness, literally every activity I do now is on slow-motion. I chose to no longer subscribe to society’s inappropriate pressure to rush around or do things all the time. Enjoy life’s moments and practice patience. Nap if you want to! Reduce your schedule, ask for help by saying to your guy: “I could really use your help with…[insert thing]”.

For me, the pressures of life had me spinning so fast I couldn’t be fluid, I was super stressed and living on survival mode. Don’t do this to yourself. Ask yourself – how can I live my life more peacefully so I’m not overwhelmed or strung out? What can I change either step-by-step or in a new life plan I create to open the way for a happier, more fluid pace of life?

For me, these questions led to a choice of moving to a more relaxed city, and choosing a more minimalist home and lifestyle, it included change and sacrifice but I would do it all again in a heartbeat for how calm and serene I feel each day since.


Creative feminine energy
is the energy that creates life.
This gorgeous energy loves beauty;
aesthetic, internal and spirutual.

Why it’s important:

The Feminine is the only principle in existence with the ability to take in something and transmute it into something else as in children. Expressing yourself through artistic and creative activities is great for mental health. Creativity has been proven in extensive research to relieve both stress and anxiety. Creativity also helps lessen the shame, anger, and depression felt by those who have experienced trauma.

How to:

Paint, draw, craft, bake, write, garden, sculpt, sew, volunteer – there are many ways to be creative. Sign up for a course in something that truly moves you. A good sign is if it sends you into a flow state or simply makes you smile. Have you ever been so immersed in writing in your journal, creating postcards out of your recent photographs, or dancing to your favorite band that you lost all sense of time? That’s a flow state.

My experience has been that when I carve out time to be creative I feel grounded and playful. The rest of the world melts away in those moments. I followed advice from another female artist and signed on to an art school, I also feel writing has become a huge passion as it connects my concern for others and creative expression. Ask yourself what have you enjoyed creating in the past? Did you enjoy mixing strange concoctions as child? Perhaps mixing paint, ingredients or baking calls to your heart? Did you enjoy bike riding? Climbing trees? Perhaps a physical activity like bike tours, biking holidays or mountain climbing is calling your name? Be curious, try things out, experiment, and keep looking for more.

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© Morvana Zaahira Goodman 2022

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