Maddie’s Story: From Tragedy to a Joy-filled, Confident Future

“Tears ran down my face, finding it hard to breathe; I hadn’t slept for days; I looked in the mirror and saw the person I had become. I was withdrawn, hidden, and on the edge of unraveling. The pain of a recent break-up and the tragic death of my mother had taken such a toll.

I struggled to keep a smile on my face, mask the agony, and push on with life. Difficulties at work, unsuccessful dating, and the voice in my head telling me I’d never be good enough added to the darkness. I had tried to disguise how I felt inside by dressing well for years, but even this was becoming harder. Caring for my emotional needs and inner self was a tremendous struggle. At my worst, I wasn’t eating properly, and exercise was something I just didn’t have the energy to even comprehend. Rejecting my needs had become a habit. My home was in disarray, an imprint of my self-neglect and inner turmoil. That’s when I realised I needed some help.

I connected with the Precious Self team for some mentoring, and since then, I’ve experienced life-changing shifts in my reality. I feel so much more vibrant, open, and calm. Now when I go for walks, I can’t help smiling at every passer-by. I no longer need to mask how I feel because I radiate a new positive outlook. Not only have I gained new techniques and habits to manage my life and home. I’ve learned to express emotions from an open heart and trust in myself and others. My previous fears, including rejection, are no longer an obstacle, and my free-spirited, social nature has returned.

My newfound confidence shines from taking this journey, and I finally feel ready to step into my future. My life now honours myself, my needs, and the friendships I care about most. With a little care and a new focus on creating a joyous environment, my home looks and feels like a fresh start.

I would highly recommend this experience if it sounds like a fit for you.

Maddie. xx”

Maddy had double mentoring from both Morvana and Naz to reach the personal growth milestones she has beautifully described here. If you’d like to focus on yourself and your happiness reach out to us via the contact page / subscribe to articles coming up. Don’t leave it any longer you have a happy life to live!

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