Are we compatible?

How do you know if you’re compatible?

“Relationships start with openness and the willingness to connect with another person from a heart-centered place”. 

The end.

Just kidding! That’s not the end, but it could be. I’ve been looking into matching tools, personality tests, and various other exciting things all week. (Links at the end of this post). I feel like many combinations are possible. Crucially whether you get along with someone or not depends on self-knowledge, self-awareness, and your sensitivity to your friend’s needs and preferences.

The real question is – how do I get to know my true needs and preferences? How do I get to know other peoples’ needs and preferences? And how can all of that be shared openly and without fear?”

Morvana Zaahira Goodman

Some people cannot provide for your needs or aren’t willing to. Some people don’t have enough self-knowledge / awareness yet. Someone’s willingness or unwillingness and what they are looking for in life at that time is also at play. The skills of creating emotional safety, healing childhood/past wounds, circumstances, and maturity also have their place in this conversation. Combining the power of two lives is challenging, complicated, and rewarding. 

Learning more about you is likely the best place to start. Some say each relationship teaches you something. The more evolved you are, the more you’d be able to ‘handle’ various relationship challenges and the more discerning your choices would be. If I purely look at my own life, it feels like the type of person turns up when I’ve needed that type in my life. So perhaps it’s all pre-ordained or simply a reflection of lifecycles, the vibe we are sending out, and personal growth.

“Knowing my core values, personality type, love language, attachment style, and life purpose with the tools below has expanded my horizons. It’s great for those who are dating and want to know more about someone. For me, it’s helped me understand myself, accept and respect who I am and gain clarity in my past and current relationships. In addition, it’s helped me heal from any (well-meaning) but false feedback received from other people and even self-delusion”.

Morvana Zaahira Goodman

Mostly the tools have clarified my life purpose, why I’m here, and what I’m supposed to be doing.

“The tool I started with is the Myers-Briggs personality test”.

Morvana Zaahira Goodman

If it’s a fit for you – why not give it a go:
(It’s also FREE!)

I’d love to know what type you are? Feel free to post in the comments!

“Your uniqueness isn’t a flaw; it’s your superpower. When you learn to work with your natural tendencies, you develop a healthier relationship with yourself, giving you the confidence you need to grow more fully into the person you’re meant to be”.

Handy day-to-day techniques:

  1. Continue to ask yourself each day, what are my true needs and preferences?
  2. Give yourself enough time to get to know someone before jumping through commitment hoops too early
  3. Ask yourself as often as possible: What do I want? and How do I feel?
  4. Own your truth and share it (people cannot read your mind and shouldn’t be expected too)
  5. Use the tools below to get to know yourself, your friends and your family!

Compatibility toolkit:

If you’d like to know yourself and others on a deeper, more meaningful level, don’t be shy – send a message via the Contact page / don’t forget to subscribe to catch all the juicy articles coming up. My clients tell me the mentoring process is uplifting and fun along with a few tears and ah-ha moments. Don’t leave it any longer!

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